January 06

Why We Light The Fuse

I respect art that comforts, but I need art that challenges.

Announcing One Million Michaels

Given the recent flexing shown by certain groups with big, aspiration-laden names, I thought it is time to organize the power of the many Michaels of the world. Please visit OneMillionMichaels.com, where we will harness the power and righteousness of causes and movements of fleeting, shiny, pop culture and political trivialities that catch my attention. […]

September 27

A Message From the President

A Message from the President of the United States, Friday, Oct. 16, 2020 My Fellow Americans, I have had tremendous success since first deciding to run for President, easily defeating a large field of Republican candidates and getting enough electoral votes against Crooked Hilary Clinton to beat the millions of fraud votes cast in that […]

March 14

Don Lee: “BatKelly”

An idea that popped into my head while I was doing a cartoon. A riff, of course, on Brian Bolland’s cover for one of the most enduring Batman stories ever, “The Killing Joke,” which Bolland drew and Alan Moore wrote.

March 01

Michael S. Miller: “Teaching Trump to the Kids”

At 9 ages and 10, our kids and their friends can live in households where one watches CNN with healthy skepticism and the other watches FOX News as “truth” and still get along. But as Trump’s vitriol metastasizes into our lives and culture, will they be able to do that in four years? In eight?

February 23

James A. Molnar: Gold Knight’s Oscar predictions

When the golden envelopes are opened Sunday night at the Dolby Theatre, there could be more than one surprise awaiting the audience at the 89th Academy Awards.

February 22

Sounds: “Who Told You That You Know Me?”

Prod. Sonic Justice
An abstract freestyle I played around with and ad-libbed.

February 20

Don Lee: “Not My Enemy”

As a once and maybe future reporter, I took the A Donald’s declaration about the press personally. But I have this nasty habit of thinking things through, and this truth — shall we call it an inconvenient truth? — bubbled up. But there was a lot of unintended truth swirling around, including from A Donald.

February 16

Don Lee: “Get Over It”

Some people have trouble wrapping their heads around the fact Trump is president.

February 07

Michael S. Miller: “Pooped”

It’s packaged and presented as a friendly pile of … what, exactly? At the risk of standing on the precipice of “get offa my lawn,” I just don’t get it.

February 01

Ryan Platten: “Internal Strife”

I step outside, take a deep breath and my mind surrenders – its too late to turn back now.