January 06

Why We Light The Fuse

I respect art that comforts, but I need art that challenges.

Technology makes the mundane and the spectacular equally accessible, and therefore misleadingly similar in appearance of quality. Accompanying commercial demands encourage segmentation and narrowcasting to round off art’s edges, striving for the common denominator at the expense of quirkiness and individual voice.

This web site plans to spit in the eye of that inclination. This vision is a crazy quilt of words, pictures, illustrations, sounds, ideas, reviews, and experimental work.  This is a collection only in format; there are no parameters, no limits and no formulas.

If your social media channels tend to insulate you in a stream of likeminded ideology, you should find this site refreshing. You won’t like many of the┬ácontributors, and that’s the point. Let them push you outside your comfort zone. Challenge you. Make you think. Make you feel. When you start to fall in love with a particular voice, set it free and move on to the next one. Fight complacency. Challenge the Idiocracy. Light the fuse.

Here, let me show you where we keep the matches …