September 27

A Message From the President

A Message from the President of the United States, Friday, Oct. 16, 2020

My Fellow Americans,

I have had tremendous success since first deciding to run for President, easily defeating a large field of Republican candidates and getting enough electoral votes against Crooked Hilary Clinton to beat the millions of fraud votes cast in that November 2016 election.

I have told you, over and over, to believe me that our system of elections is broken, rigged and controlled by a Deep State-aided group of liberal media and establishment Republicans working with Democrats to keep Americans like you and me out. GREAT DISRESPECT!

And though we are winning on many fronts, I believe that group, working with the witch hunt investigation THAT HAD FOUND NO COLLUSION before I fired its lying lead investigator and closed it down, is a serious threat to our honored and unique process.

I have no faith the FBI or DOJ is interested in protecting our momentum and the great Americans who count on us. I know what’s going on better than anyone in the system and I am aware of the many things that need to be addressed and made better for you.

Therefore, today, by Executive Order, I am suspending the 2018 Midterm Elections and the 2020 Presidential Election, until my administration can clearly and without doubt remove all threats and concerns to the voting process. This is a temporary measure, which I will reverse upon determination that we may proceed in full confidence of a fair election.

I know most of you will understand and support this necessary protection, but I also know the Fake News Media and its anti-American followers will try to confuse you and block this needed safety move. Therefore, a group of known Fake News reporters from TV and dying newspapers has already been brought to a center and charged with crimes against our great country, to punish them for their roles in this sad moment we find ourselves in.

In addition, as we expect the greatest disruption from organized groups of illegal immigrants, our most animal-like minorities and the so-called LGBT community, leaders and disruptors from those groups are also being brought to centers to face punishment for their stupid efforts to destroy this great country, which we are doing such great, historic things with, more than any administration in history.

To help our great military, which has been hollowed out by Obama and his congressional losers, our great friends from Russia and North Korea are providing many, many troops to aid in this temporary suspension of certain processes, and they will work with us to strengthen our borders and protect our cities and towns from any who try to disrupt our winning efforts to keep America great.

Thank you for your huge and all-time support, and God bless America.

Donald J. Trump

President, United States of America